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firefighters. what ds to be done to close new this morning, the investigation into the san francisco house fire that killed two firefighters. what else needs be done to close the case. and fire crews tackling the largest wildfire ever in new mexico's history. what the governor wants people to give up with these hot, dry conditions. and game over on a new state law -- on a state law regulating violent video games. the supreme court had its say. now common sense media will weigh in live this morning. it is 7:00 on saturday morning, july 0. i'm anne mackovic. and you see we have an empty seat here for jim bernard. not sure where he is this morning, but he'll be showing up and giving us a fabulous
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weather forecast, if you like heat, because it certainly is on this holiday weekend. we'll check in with him when he decides to show up. topping our news this morning, an investigation into the cause of a deadly house fire last month in san francisco has found it was accidental and most likely electrical. two firefighters died after being badly burned inside the house in diamond heights. they became trapped in a flashover, an explosion of intense heat. testing of electrical components in the house still needs to be done. it may take firefighters in san jose to get to fires, because of staffing brownout today. fewer trucks and firefighters will be available at certain stations. for example, fair station number 9, the call would bring one fire truck with four people on board. a second truck and another engine near expressway is out of service on days when staff is needed elsewhere. >> one of the reasons for the
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brownout is because we take the staffing off of those engines and we put them in other fire stations to take their vacation or sick leave. >> brownouts will be suspended as needed, including on days with significant fire danger, like the fourth of july, coming up on monday. the massive wildfire in northern new mexico is now the largest in state history, consuming more than 162 square miles. hot, dry conditions prompted the governor to ask everyone to avoid using fireworks on this fourth of july weekend. sandra hughes shows us where the fire is threatening homes. >> reporter: crews are fighting fire with fire, using controlled burns to create a perimeter around los alamos and its nuclear lab. they say it's the best defense against this growing wildfire. >> i'm feeling really good about my portion, my small piece of the puzzle to know that the lab is safe. >> reporter: more than 1200 firefighters are attacking the flames from the air and ground. they have dropped fire retardant into canyons to stop
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the wildfire's advance. >> i am very concerned, but much less so than we were in 2000. >> reporter: the town of los alamos is thick with smoke, but officials are more confident by the day that the town and the los alamos nuclear lab are safe. but the fire is still burning out of control. it's now near the town of santa clara pueblo, an indian reservation with about a thousand residents. gilbert narajo has lived on this land all his life. >> now we see their focus was save los alamos. what about us? the last fire, we're still not even recovered from the last fire. >> reporter: sacred pueblo grounds on the mountain above the town have already burned. >> that's my kids' future, my grandkids'. >> reporter: the fire is also destroying the forest animals depend on, sending wild animals like this mountain lion into town. despite their optimism, officials aren't going to let evacuees back into los alamos
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until at least next week. >> that was sandra hughes reporting. east bay narcotics officers are under investigation, accused of stealing from suspects during raids. federal lawsuit names members of the contra costa narcotics task force and other officers with the antioch police department. officer lewis lombardi of the san ramon police department is also named. they are accused of taking sports memorabilia, cash, and jewelry, including a watch reportedly worth more than $22,000. >> i don't know whether lombardi took it, whether he was present when it was taken. my suspicions are it's either lombardi or welch. >> lombardi's attorney says he can't comment because it's part of a federal investigation. the antioch police department is fighting the lawsuit. an arrest during a protest over smart meters in santa cruz county. you can see the lengths some people are going to prevent installation, placing locked cages over their old meters.
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while the latest incident at a protest happened yesterday outside a pg&e facility. one man was arrested on obstructing free movement, a second person cited for misdemeanor. authorities working to remove a sea plane that remains submerged in richardson bay this morning. the pilot of the two-seater tried taking off near the southsa leto shoreline last night. it hit a wake and ended up back in the bay. two men on board remarkably were not injured. it is officially over. california's former first lady maria shriver has filed for divorce. yesterday's filing cites irreconcilable differences, coming six weeks after former governor schwarzenegger admitted to cheating on her with a housekeeper and fathering a son. shriver is seeking joint custody of their two minor sons. the couple was married for 25 years. the hotel maid who accused former head of the imf of sexual assault apparently has
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hurt her own case. dominic strauss-kahn this morning is free on house arrest -- free from house arrest. prosecutors say the accuser lied about her life story and about what she did after the alleged attack. to canada, pulling out all the stops for its 144th birthday. prince william and his wife catharine were there to catch festivities during their first official overseas royal tour. right now, the alameda county fair is trying to cook the world's largest burger. they fired up the big grill a couple of hours ago. here is the current record holder, weighing in at 595 pounds. today, officials from the guinness book of world records will be in pleasantton to check out this burger's meaty rival. you can take a big bite out of today's patty for 99 cents. not only does it celebrate the fair's 99th year of operation. all the money is going to the community food bank in alameda
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county. it is 7 minutes after 7:00, and we are going to be back with your very warm weather forecast, coming up, even warmer than yesterday, according to jim, who is working out the final details of that forecast right now. plus, protecting kids from blood, guns, and gruesome images. common sense media firing back at the latest court decision on california's video game law. and the recollections of a witness, the skill of an artist, hopefully some luck. next, a closer look at process used to come up with a police artist rendering. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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the beating of bryan stow.. detectives down south released sketches of two men thought to be involved. weeks later one arrest was made. this tin takes a two days after the beating of brian stow, police down south released two sketches. one arrest was made. this morning, alan martin takes a look at the process used to complete police artist renderings. >> reporter: the investigation took a huge leap forward with a
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few strokes of a pencil, sketches of the manowitzs say beat a father of two are a police artist view into solving crime. >> we do an open-ended interview, rather than the traditional type of police interview, where we're getting to the facts of what happened. we just try to let them tell us as much about from the beginning to the end of the crime what happened. this way, there might be other facts that come out. >> reporter: and after a crime's been committed, separating the facts from a person's memory can be a difficult task. veteran police sketch artist joseph lynch says for him, making the victim feel comfortable is his first goal, not necessarily pumping them for details right away. he says his background in commercial art helps with technique, but there's no real science to it. just let a victim talk it out until details start coming back to them. >> here's the situation. lot of times it's like speaking two languages. one person's definition of, say, slim or heavy or thin or medium build may be different from mine. so it's just getting at that core of what do they mean by
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that? >> reporter: lynch says in some cases, it can be just like in the movies, where an artist sketches directly from the verbal descriptions given by witnesses, but in his case, he uses the fbi catalog of different facial features. >> split up into different sections, nose, chin, cheek shape, hairstyle. it's a bit like mr. potato head. you have them look at the feature that is most like the suspect's. it's not all the time right on, but that's where the artistic portion comes in. >> reporter: lynch fine tunes his sketch until the image looks as close to the image in the victim's mind. high profile cases often include releasing a sketch to the public, most will never see the work that lynch and other artists produce. >> a sketch is just a piece of the puzzle. lot of work has to be done, from the initial officer on the street, dna, fingerprints. a sketch itself is mainlily used as a filter to develop leads. >> reporter: that's the good
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news. sketches develop leads. bad news, they develop leads. >> bad side, it can develop a lot of leads on the case. every one of those leads has to be followed up, so it can slow down the investigation a little bit. lot of times, sketches are not released immediately. usually are shown to other investigators so that, to see if they might know. >> reporter: one suspect arrested, giovanni ramirez was sent back to prison for parole violation. he's not charged in the stow case, nor has the second suspect shown in those police sketches been identified or arrested. if you have a story for closer look, log onto click connect, scroll down to closer look. send me an e-mail. alan martin, cbs 5. d, thank you. 12 minutes after 7:00 now, and jim bernard is back! you're here! >> i'm here! >> you were having technical drama this morning and you continue to have technical drama. >> not quite drama, but just issues this morning with the technology in the business. we see often times to err is
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human. if you want to follow things up, use your computer, as we have done this morning. it doesn't change the weather forecast, but we can always look outside and see what's taking place. mostly clear skies around the bay this morning. a little patchy fog and haze lingering in there at the bay and at the beach, but this is not going to affect the warmup headed your way for today. we do have a heat advisory up for the bay area. again, we will be looking for warm temperatures the next couple of days, as we see low 100's in the central valley here. now, let's see, weren't we talking rain earlier this week and cool temperatures? what a difference a couple days makes, as we see clear skies throughout the bay this morning, but jumping out to the golden gate, a little different scenario there, as patchy fog does linger right about at the gate, presidio, and down at the beach. this is keeping temperatures cool along the coastal sections, so if you're not inclined to want to warm up today, the coast is definitely
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the direction to head. in the interior, lots of sunshine. upper 90s to low 100s today, and warmer yet tomorrow due to offshore show. the offshore flow weakens come the beginning of the week on the fourth of july and we'll see a slight cooling, but still warm. we're talking down into the upper 90s for monday, so it will still be warm across the region. but the heat wave will break, starting probably monday and tuesday and gradually cool right on through the week. you see the clear skies out across the interior already this morning, indicative of what's to come through the day. so looks like a classic fourth of july weather pattern taking shape here, as we see mostly clear and warm across the bay area here for the next three to four days. so there you go, ann. looks like we're back to summer pattern once again. >> definitely. thanks for that, jim. a san francisco company wants to cash in on its facebook fame by going public. you may have seen farmville.
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it's a game. its maker zinga is hoping to raise as much as a million dollars at its initial public offering. it offers a handful of internet companies that recently filed ipo's, including linked in, pandora, and groupon. a major legal fight over violent video games ends with the ruling in favor of free speech. the highest court in the land struck down a california law that would restrict these games sales to kids. the justice said it's up to parents to regulate what their kids see. jim steyer joins us now. you were all about that law. you must be pretty disappointed at common sense media. >> we're pretty disappointed. the rationale was the free speech. i could tell you basically this is a court that's been very pro industry in general. they had a number of -- remember, i teach at stanford. a lot of these decisions they made over the past few weeks, not just in the video game case, favored large industry.
7:16 am
the law that was introduced and that common sense and others worked on and then-governor schwarzenegger back in 2005 has said you can't sell ultra violent and sexually violent video games to minors. that's all it said. it was a violation of free speech. so it is a disappointing decision, but there is a lot of good news. i mean, the first thing is that much of the behaviors have changed. people understand now much more than they did before these laws were passed how violent and sexually violent some of these games are. so that's justice scalia, my former common-law professor, who wrote the opinion, the majority opinion in the case. and what they did, they struck down the law and senator leland gee said he may try to craft a new law that will be more in line with exactly the language of the court. but in the meantime, the industry's changed dramatically. lot of people stopped carrying violent video games, big chains did. the rating system that the industry did got better.
7:17 am
you know, you can go to and see any rating of any video game. there was a ton of good stuff that came out of the whole controversy and the ruling this week was sort of a be lated ruling, but from a kids and family standpoint, is not a good ruling period. >> tell me what this does mean to kids and families. obviously parents have to be more pro active. >> it basically puts the honus more on parents. you have to go to or at least look at the rating on the box and know more about the content of the video game. particularly if you have boys. girls and boys play video games, but boys tend to be more -- addicted to video games. i'm serious about the word addicted. you have to make very good age- appropriate choices about what is right for your kids. that's why we rate literally every game at, but you've got to be careful. you've also got to set time limits. boys in particular, but all kids, will sit in front of an xbox or playstation for many hours. you have to put very clear limits about how much time you can play video games, just like
7:18 am
you have to set times on things like tv. these are addicting in many cases, particularly some of the violent killer games. and you have to be aware your kids can get addicted to them and you have to set limits and say no and turn the machine off, period. >> what would be addict interesting a violent killer game? >> it's interesting. there are studies on this, and the court -- the court case has been -- all the evidence has been introduced. >> not sure if it would have affected the ruling. they were saying this stuff is art, protected by free speech. >> it's more complicated than that actually, but i will tell you, there's clear data now about these brain stimulation, true for blackberries, too, where you're stimulated and get addicted to your device. that's really true on violent video games and you want to keep playing it over and over. there are the rat experiments where they keep going back and wanting to do things in cages where they are stimulated. that happens with video games. it stimulates your brain. and you know what happens? kids will play them over and over unless you put limits.
7:19 am
you have to set limits, you have to be very clear about the age appropriateness of certain games. and bottom line is, parents now have more responsibility for use of their kids' video games. that's a good thing overall. but if we had our way, this law would have been upheld and would have been upheld in california and all across the country. >> leland gee working on another bill, you'll be helping out? >> yes, and look, this issue's not going to go away. video games are everywhere. it's a much bigger industry than the movie industry. most people don't realize that. when you have grand theft auto 6 or whatever the next really violent game is that comes out, there's going to be a lot of publicity, but parents will have to set limits on their kids. that's the bottom line in this case. it's a disappointing one by the supreme court. i actually think we -- so much good has come out of this case, but the ultimate ruling, a little disappointing. very pro corporation. that's what it really was. it was choosing corporations over parents. me, i don't think the supreme court should have gone that way. >> i definitely knew you would feel that way! thank you for being on today, and be sure to keep us posted.
7:20 am
>> but with all this weather, with all this weather, last thing you want your kid doing over the fourth of july is playing video games instead of outside playing baseball! >> that's right, except for in the triple digits. >> get out there, though. go swimming then. >> jim steyer, common sense media, thank you for that. coming up, a flash of anger from the pitcher with the famous beard. why giants closer brian wilson grabbed the bat in the dugout in detroit and started swinging. ouch! we'll be right back. ,, [ male announcer ] how do you say... welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable. even if you're saying... my mother has the kids tonight.
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more in sports. in sports this morning, the a's and giants both hold on for one-run victories in interleague play. kim coyle has more in sports. good morning, everyone. the giants win 47 games this season, 23 of them have been by one run. so much for torture. brian wilson blew a save for the second straight day and i hate to see how he reacts if he blows another one later today. the giants are at 4-3 in the 9th. bases loaded. boss lines into a double play. giants beat the tigers. wilson gets the win.
7:24 am
a's up 3-1 in the 6th. they need the insurance. a's hang on to beat the diamondbacks 5-4. mark ellis made a great first impression in colorado. the former a went 3 for 5 and hit a home inner his rox i debut, beating kansas city 9-0. novak djokovic will take on raf nadal today at wimbledon. sports at 5:30. have you ever wanted to see fran from a different perspective? this ride has been opened just in time for the holiday weekend. the zip line carries you 685 feet across justin herman plaza, 80 feet above ground. >> at first i was scared, but then i thought it was fun.
7:25 am
>> how about you? >> i thought it was awesome and freaky! >> awesome and freaky! what a combo! looks really fun. it is, though, $29 to take this ride. the zip line is going to run through the summer. not a bad idea. we'll have another look at our weather, coming up here. bottom line, it's going to be a very warm weekend here around the bay area. heat advisories in all of the areas, except for just around the coast. be prepared for major, major heat. also coming up next, fewer states are selling fireworks these days. that may change, thanks to an incredible boom in other parts of the country. and have a beautiful day isn't something one south bay group just says. coming up next, we'll tell you how they are making it happen for orphans on the other side of the world. we have lots coming up. stick around.
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filed for divorce. next - the star power behind her legal fight. when we saw this one coming, maria shriver filing
7:29 am
for divorce officially. coming up next, the star power behind her legal fight. and let them up. a booming trend that has some states reconsidering fireworks sales. well, the cleaning up after the first tropical storm of the hurricane season, where people are bracing for more rain, as arlene moves out. welcome back to weekend early edition. it is just about 7:30 on july 2. you may notice we're on a little earlier. normally we're on at 8:00. now we're starting our broadcast at 7:00 in the morning, preempting cartoons, moving a little later. can you see it on our faces? that hour, it will kill ya! we're dragging a little bit, but making this happen on a saturday morning. and, jim, you have your hands full with a very hot weather forecast. >> we do have a hot weather forecast. and the computer didn't get the word about the early show, so we don't have that available this morning. but we don't need it. we can do this old school, as we take a look outside. we see lots of sunshine for much of the area, not so much at the beach. dense fog along the shoreline
7:30 am
into the presidio and across the golden gate. that's where the air conditioning will be working today, as we see temperatures in the mid to upper 60s at the coast and along the immediate shoreline, into about the presidio. as soon as you get east of that, look for things to warm up into the 70s, upper 70s, low 80s around the bay today. and by the time we hit the interior, we'll be pushing mid to upper 90s today. warmer yet tomorrow, low triple- digit readings. heat advisory up for the bay area for the next couple of days. you know the routine here. pick the climate of your choice. if you're looking for cool temperatures, westward ho through the weekend. >> we'll have more details, coming up. back to the news this morning, california's former first lady is ending her marriage. don knapp explains what maria shriver wants from former governor schwarzenegger and who she has hired to make sure she gets it. >> reporter: after 25 years of marriage and a decade-long dark
7:31 am
secret, it's over. maria shriver has filed for divorce, checking the box that says simply irreconcilable differences. she's asked for spousal support and joint custody of their minor children, 13-year-old christopher, and 17-year-old patrick. they have two older daughters, 19 and 21. the couple's image was shat erred in early may, when the revelation that schwarzenegger had fathered a son 13 years ago with the family's long-time housekeeper. the former governor apologized and publicly hoped for a reconciliation with his wife. >> we both love each other very much. we are very fortunate for have four very extraordinary children and we are taking one day at a time. >> reporter: schwarzenegger took full responsibility for the hurt he caused, saying he was truly sorry. apparently that was not enough for shriver, who hinted in may that the marriage was over and appealed for advice on youtube. >> i would like to hear from other people who are in transition, how did you find your transition?
7:32 am
personal, professional, emotional, spiritual, financial, how did you get through it? >> reporter: shriver moved out of the brentwood family home earlier this year and hired defense attorney laura wasser, reportedly before schwarzenegger's affair went public. wasser has been called the diso attorney. don knapp, cbs 5. >> since april, schwarzenegger has been talking about renewing his entertainment career with his television show, the governator, and three upcoming big budget films. the breakup put all of that on hold. it's not clear what damage, if any, a divorce will do to his planned comeback. a new survey of the homeless in santa clara find many have life threatening diseases. researchers found 271 homeless have mortality conditions. the oldest homeless person they
7:33 am
found was 85 years old, the youngest, 18. another survey will be done later on in gill roy, morgan hill and san monday teen. a northern california man who said he found a large piece of gold on his property is now accused of lying. james grill told cbs 5 he found the gold on his property with a deep seeking metal detector. but after the nugget's sale in march, some people have come forward to say it's all a scam. gold prospector murray colin powell say he and his friend found it back in 1987. >> characteristics markings here, it was just impossible that it could have been anything but the same nugget. >> one of his accusers says if grill lied, it's probably because he was selling his property and wanted to make it seem more valuable. there is no comment yet from grill. san francisco police blaming alcohol for embarrassing rescue off the
7:34 am
embarcadero. crews rescued two guys from the water after they jumped off of pier 7. you can see them there floating. one of the men tells the chronicle he went in after someone threw his coat in and that had his id and social security card in it, into the water. so he jumped in. his friend followed him to try to save him, and police say not surprisingly, these guys were drunk. getting them out involved a diver from the fire department and a ladder there as well. at uc berkeley this fall, there will be far more new students from out of state. 26% of new freshmen and transfer students are not from california. the chronicle says that is an increase of 23% over last year. those from outside the state pay about $35,000 per year. that is nearly three times what in-state students pay. the boost of out of state money at cal is expected to bring in an additional $26 million. the financial markets are
7:35 am
closed for the fourth of july holiday this weekend. investors will be watching for the latest jobs numbers later this week. here's more from new york. >> reporter: the markets are closed for the fourth of july holiday. investors will be watching for the latest jobs numbers later this week. they will also get an update on how america's factories are doing. news that manufacturing is on the rise helps give the markets a major boost. the dow closed up 168 points. the nasdaq was up 42, giving wall street its best week in two years. fireworks will light up the skies tonight and will also bring in big bucks. taxes on the sale of fireworks generate just under $1 billion nationwide. some states that currently ban sales are now reconsidering. massachusetts and maine are both looking at legislation to legalize the sale of fireworks. and online video provider hulu could be going up for sale. the company is expected to talk to more potential buyers this
7:36 am
week. hulu, which offers free access to prime time tv shows, has already been in discussions with google, microsoft, and yahoo!. and the company behind the popular facebook game farmville is going public. zynga hopes to raise as much as a billion dollars in an initial public offering, joining a handful of other high-valued internet companies that recently filed ipo's, including linked in, pandora, and groupon. and that's your money watch. for more headlines, go to of course independence day is coming up on monday. we have a listing of all of the fourth of july fireworks shows happening around the bay area. that is at it is now getting more difficult getting a speeding ticket erased from your driving record. a new law went into effect yesterday to close a loophole. it prevents repeat offenders from attending traffic school more than once every 18 months.
7:37 am
the dmv has gotten a little frustrated, because people were attending two to three times a year. that's because the courts weren't communicating with each other. the dmv will now create a centralized system to track drivers' participation in traffic school. a day off today for the jurors in the casey anthony murder trial. they will be back tomorrow, on a sunday, to hear closing arguments and deliberate on whether the florida mother is guilty of killing her young daughter. nasa's final space shuttle launch is set for next friday. the atlantis will carry supplies to the international space station. the crew will also test out a robot designed to refuel space crafts in flight. mother nature providing her own july 4th fireworks show thursday night in chicago. wow, lightning making a direct hit on the willis tower, formally known as the sears tower. probably a target because it is the tallest -- wow, check that out! it is the tallest building in the city.
7:38 am
that's amazing! >> that is amazing, serious fireworks there. we'll have not so serious fireworks showing up in the bay on monday and looks like the weather is going to cooperate. things are heating up for the weekend. should remain mostly clear into the early evening hours, at least long enough to pull off the fireworks display without the accustomed fuzziness that often accompanies fireworks throughout the bay. >> that's good news. >> that will be a good show. we'll see temperatures approaching the triple-digit readings across the interior. we do have a heat advisory up and we'll talk more about that, coming up in your complete forecast in just a few minutes. and by the way, jim's other computer is now working. >> yay! >> knock on wood. also, they are the newest royal couple to we had, but it could be a little bit different than another recent royal wedding. we'll tell you about the couple's low key, but special day. with a musical that will pull on your heart strings this july 4th weekend, billy elliott now playing in san francisco.
7:39 am
that and more, on liam's list, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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7:41 am
a more subdued wedding for
7:42 am
the most recent royal couple to get married. there they are, prince albert of monaco, and former south african olympic athlete charlene wittstock. they tied the knot yesterday. she wore a jacket and pants, believe it or not. she still looks gorgeous, though. he wore a dark suit. it was a civil ceremony, and today, the new royal couple is holding an elaborate religious wedding ceremony, and a star- studded reception. gorgeous. on stage in san francisco, a boy following his dancing dreams. can't wait to see this. eye on the bay's liam has a preview of billy elliott and july 4th celebrations. greetings, pleasure seekers. cars 2 is at the theater this weekend, on a global spy caper.
7:43 am
mater gets more laughs here, but michael cane steals the show as the british car detective. london and tokyo have never looked so good in their animated form. on stage, next up, billy elliott, the musical, is now playing in san francisco's orpheum theater. the tony award winning musical lived up to its promise of tear- jerking brilliance. the lead role did not miss a beat or step or an opportunity to pull at our heart strings. with music by elton john, the tune to "strong," the entire cast are flawless. billy elliott will move you and stir you. if it does not, my friends, go to the doctor and get your heart checked. curtain's up through september at san francisco's orpheum theater. more tales of the city, an extended run at act theater in
7:44 am
san francisco. swinging '70s san francisco is full of brilliant performances. highly recommend this weekend. several fun holiday events happening in our area. alameda will have the second largest july 4th parade in the country. i'll see you there. or go down to half moon bay on the coast to see pooches on parade. look for a full list of all the things happening this july 4th weekend at, or do me a favor and yourself a favor and follow me on twitter. have a fantastic july 4th weekend! cheers. >> cheers, indeed. as mexico's central gulf coast braces for more rain, the first tropical storm of the hurricane season has already left three people dead. you can see the high water left behind by tropical storm arlene. this week, choppers flew water
7:45 am
and food to a township where 200 people were cut off by two rivers that had swelled around them. it is now quarter to 8:00, and we have a look at our very warm weather forecast. >> we do. indeed, we may be looking at some of that tropical moisture moving northward into the mountains of the sierra by midweek. however, we're not expecting any of that in the bay area. instead, we'll be looking at sunny skies for most locations and a warming trend that's going to take us back into the triple digits. not at the beach, though, as you can see. mostly foggy along the shore. we'll look for the fog to slowly clear here through the day and linger along the shoreline, helping to keep temperatures cool, as well as across the gate, as we'll look for mid to -- mid-60s should do it at the beach. once you get inland, you'll see a lot more sunshine, as offshore winds prevail across the region. already we're starting to see some clearing there at the bridge. across the city, mostly blue
7:46 am
this morning, a bit of haze around the bay. we'll look for the offshore breeze to push the fog back to the shoreline by midmorning and temperatures will warm as a result. we're talking into the mid to low 90s today out across the interior. at the bay, upper 70s, low 80s. cooler at the coast with the fog patchy, as you would expect. and this will be our trend here for the fourth of july holiday, as we will see temperatures even warmer coming up tomorrow. the jet stream remains well to our north where the storm track is headed into southern canada here, british columbia, and that's where it's going to stay, as you would expect. leading edge of a high pressure system setting up along the coast, bringing with it the cooler conditions. heat advisory for most locations throughout the bay area for the weekend here, as again, we will see those temperatures approaching the upper 90s to low 100s over the next couple of days, right up till about 9:00 at night. it's going to stay warm into
7:47 am
the evening hours. offshore winds will weaken on monday. we'll begin to see a cooling effect as those offshore breezes weaken. nothing dramatic, but couple of degrees every day. so by monday and tuesday, we should be back down into the mid to upper 90s here, as i think we'll probably peak out temperature wise tomorrow before things begin to cool off again into midweek. expect an increase in high clouds across the region, so the cooling will continue into next weekend, but for now, we're looking at the warmup, where we see midded to upper 90s out across the interior here this afternoon, back into the east bay, into the mid to upper 80s, even on the peninsula. we're talking upper 70s today to mid-70s back at the city. and then as you move towards the beach, mid-60s today with fog lingering there. we'll look for less fog at the beach tomorrow, so they, too, will be warming into the upper 60s, low 70s. while we see the interior headed into the triple digits, then as mentioned, we start to cool things down, come fourth of july actually.
7:48 am
skies should remain clear for the most part, but temperatures will cool slightly and we'll continue that trend through the week, into next weekend. still on the warm side, but we can probably eliminate hot by midweek, as we will see an increase in the cloud cover out across the interior, maybe showers in the sierra. some of that leftover subtropical moisture. and of course for the fourth of july, we'll be looking for 60s at the beach, 90s across the interior, and thankfully with that rain we had earlier this week, fire danger should be on the low side, relatively speaking, for this time of year. so that's a good thing. >> very good news. >> i'm sure we'll see things drying out through the end of the summer, but for now, looking pretty green out there. >> yeah, what an amazing week. we had the rain storm-- >> inch of rain. >> -- now triple-digit heat. so appropriate for the fourth of july weekend. lot of things going on. county fair in alameda county, mirren county. lot of fun to be had, if you can handle it. >> full summer season under
7:49 am
way. >> totally. thanks, jim. next week, a south bay group is heading to zimbabwe, just one of the many projects they are taking care of this year. coming up, the inspiration behind the group beautiful day. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:50 am
7:51 am
restoring neighborhoods. one sout 9 minutes before 8:00. some volunteer groups work with the homeless, some restore neighborhoods. one south bay group is flying to zimbabwe to help orphans. they join us now with more. good morning. thanks for being here. beautiful day sounds like a beautiful organization. tell us about it. >> well, we started something in 2004 and the idea was really to get people out of their comfort zone and out into the community, serving others in need, those marginalized, those that are affected by, you know, issues of poverty, issues of
7:52 am
education, issues of hiv and aids. >> seems like a really broad brush. >> yeah, didn't start that way, but the idea was to get people out. and it grew from that to where we would try to take the ideas of innovation and creativity and get people doing something different. >> so you've been doing things locally in the south bay, but now you're headed to zimbabwe? >> i was tapped to go on this trip. we have an orphanage there with orphans, girls that we've taken on since 2001. these are girls that were on the streets, toddlers and infants that just would have been left, or taken into sex trafficking, and have provided this home for them called the west gate haven house. >> there are the girls right now. >> they are so great. they are really good singers actually.
7:53 am
>> how did you get connected with them? >> through an organization called hands of hope there in cupertino. they approached us to say, hey, would you guys work on sponsoring these girls, so we've been doing that for quite sometime. it's been an amazing journey. >> what inspired you to even start the nonprofit in the first place? >> well, beautiful day started as really kind of a grassroots idea and the main idea was, again, just to reconnect people with i think the dna of compassion and to try to get them -- we believe that compassion is kind of this mark inside of you, but because of our culture in the western civilization, we are so consumed with ourselves or with things, and so we just wanted to reconnect with that. >> i think a lot of people get jaded, too, especially san francisco, you see so many homeless people on the street. some people like to say, well, they put themselves there. people end up kind of separating themselves from the
7:54 am
issue a lot. how do you reconnect with the fact that this is a real problem that should be addressed? >> well, we just were involved down in the south bay, housing 1000 campaign, just this last week, where we went out from 4:30 in the morning till 7:00, doing a homeless registry of the 7000 homeless that are in the south county. >> we had a story about that earlier in the broadcast. >> so it, it allowed us to begin to survey and i'd fee the most vulnerable. you realize that there are those that are on the street that have issues that they either want to be there or they have issues that brought them there, led them there. then there's those that genuinely want to get off the street. and it's working to identify that. i think what happens is we become callous to that, thinking that everybody is there for that reason, and recognizing that they are vulnerable because there's people that need to be identified and encouraged to get out of this condition. that's what we do. >> jon talbert with beautiful
7:55 am
day, thanks for joining us. we have a link to beautiful day on our website, we also have links to their facebook page on our weekend edition facebook page. we'll be right back. plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap.
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stories: investigators in san francisco have determined that last month's deadly fire was accidental. two firefighters were killed. investigators in san francisco have determined that last month's deadly fire was accidental. two firefighters were killed. investigators are now testing electrical components from the house. a federal lawsuit has been filed against members of the contra costa narcotics task force, as well as other officers of the antioch police department. they are accused of stealing sports memorabilia, cash, and jewelry from suspects during raids. and our third top story, certainly the weather. a heat advisory in place for a lot of the bay area. >> things are heating up across the bay, after our early week rain. we're now looking at warm temperatures, approaching the triple-digit readings across most of the interior here. we'll be into the 90s across the inland areas today.
7:58 am
look for upper 70s to low 80s right at the water here, as things heat up over the next couple of days. still hanging on to patchy fog at the coast. that will help cool things there, so if the heat's a little too much for you, head to the shoreline and you can cool down. and if you can stand the heat, might want to head to the alameda county fair, where they are trying to cook the world's largest burger as we speak. they fired up the grill a couple of hours ago. the current record holder weighs in at 595 pounds. today, officials from the guinness book of world records will be in pleasantton to check it out. you can take a bite out of it for 99 cents, celebrating the fair's 99th year of operations. all the proceeds go to the homeless shelter of alameda county. thanks for joining us. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 7:30 a.m. next newscast at 5:30 today. enjoy your saturday. ,,,,,,,,
7:59 am

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